why is on a mission.

A mission to empower users to get the best business and office systems without either the cost or the lock-in of BigTech software prisons.

why host your own apps?


The internet is built on a foundation of open standards.

It's the only way it can work.

Yet under the guise of empowering users through popular apps, BigTech and many vendors are actually doing the opposite.

They are trapping users into using only apps from them, and they're actively reducing competition and increasing lock-in.

Maybe you have heard the term : walled garden.

It's lovely inside, but don't try leaving or communicating with others outside.



Fortunately there's a large community of techies who disagree with this approach.

They write software without lock-in, in fact in many cases it's free.

Free of financial cost and with the freedom to use without vendor lock-in.



By now (hopefully) everyone will be aware of the dastardly tricks played by BigTech to monitor and monetise your activities.

Maybe an individual doesn't actually read your documents or email. But their systems do.

And then look to monetise that information by showing you adverts or selling the aggregated data.

Using apps which you host brings you privacy and control of your own data and information.

why doesn't everyone do it ?


Everyone can self-host their own apps.

But quite simply many feel that it's beyond their technical comfort zone.

They can do it. But life is too short.

So they're not into learning how, or in devoting the time to manage it all.

[drum roll]


We do it for you.

We commission a server and manage it.

We setup the apps you want to use.

We give you a link and it's yours to use privately.

We're not BIgTech and we conduct no monitoring, no data harvesting, no tracking and no sharing.

We're committed to making the benefits of self-hosting available to those who can't or don't want to.

We've made it easy - come on in, the water's lovely.

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