Gone are the days when an online office suite meant only a choice of Office365 or Google Workspace. Now you can be free of BigTech, face less cost, get more independence and more privacy ... and more apps than they offer.

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Your own services hosted for you

We make it easy.

Choose your Plan

We have plans for all sizes, with just the essentials or a wider portfolio of business and office apps from an impressive catalogue of opensource apps curated for stability and features.

All done for you

No need to worry about setting up a server or installing or maintaining apps. We will deploy your chosen apps and give you a link. We even back them up for you.

More functionality, less hassle.

We take away the headache of renting a server, setting it up, selecting good apps, and deploying them for you. Minimal need for IT know-how. Just be productive in the shortest time possible.


Add and change apps as you need. Add, change and remove users as your team changes.

Free your business IT

I've worked with IT and in the IT industry for 30+ years.

Great strides have been made, but in some ways users have less choice than before.

And a lot less freedom, a lot more lock-in and a lot more cost.


What is really sad is that few IT resellers and providers actually do much to empower the user.

They want the easiest sale for the biggest bucks, and ignore the free and low-cost options because they don't make them money. is on a mission to change that.

Free the user, free the software, make it easy, make it cheap.


Join us to regain your freedom and stop bleeding money.

Tim Considine - CEO - is a business service from First Option Ltd, a private company with 30+ years experience of delivering innovative IT services.


Our 'global headquarters' (yes, we're being humourous) are in the beautiful Georgian town of Alresford, Hampshire.


We've been involved in IT projects since the days when modems made funny noises.
We've built systems and services for major blue-chip organisations.
Now our focus is on helping the 'little guys'.
Because we know how complex and frustrating IT can be.
And we believe everyone deserves good systems.